COVID-19 and co-working

COVID-19 and Co-Working

Back in March 2020, the outlook was extremely bleak for the small business community.  Seeing newsreel of the enormous line ups out the front of Centrelink offices, where small business owners were now waiting their turn to apply for Job Seeker due to their revenues coming to a standstill overnight were just heartbreaking.

Here at GO Road Co, we were affected just like many other small businesses.  Our amazing community of co-workers saw their businesses impacted, either financially or operationally which in turn forced them to either pause their rentals with us, or work from home instead.

Fast forward to October and the outlook is very different.  Most industries here in SA are back functioning properly which has seen many of our fantastic co-workers return to our offices here in Parkside.  In fact, since we have started returning to “normal” we have actually had a far higher demand for office space than before. 

Small business owners, forced to work from home, with their kids, partners, pets and Netflix all offering distractions have been chomping at the bit to get back to “normal” work – and that means having an office to go to.  We have been happy to accommodate and are welcoming new businesses to our offices as we speak.

For us, COVID-19 forced us to implement some changes which, with hindsight, are actually in the best interests of our community anyway!

We have increased our cleaning.  We now have Government standard COVID-19 cleans happening here three times a week, and if our residents leave their office doors unlocked, our cleaners will go in and disinfect their desks and chairs as part of the service.  We also ask that our co-workers keep their own crockery and cutlery in their offices for their own use. 

There are now hand-sanitisers everywhere!  Considering we all work in the same space, albeit across a broad spectrum of industries, hand cleanliness has never been more in focus, nor as important.

Less desks are in our common area.  Allowing people more space and ensuring their comfort is important to us, so we have reduced the number of communal desks on offer which in turn, gives everyone some more room to operate.

Flexibility is now a priority for us.  The new business landscape means that flexible leases are the order of the day.  We don’t want anyone to feel locked in, so we allow people to cancel their memberships at far shorter notice now than we did before, and in some cases, we offer month to month contracts for new tenants.  It all depends on their situation!


Regardless of your small business situation, if you are thinking it is time to upgrade from a home office and take an office somewhere, come and take a look at GO Road Co.  We are happy to work out a free trial for you so you can see if you like it – Contact us for more information!

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