Four reasons why co-working is the future

Been working from home the past several months?  Was it the picture perfect experience?  You know, the one where you wake up, take the dog for a walk, get home for a healthy breakfast, shower and then spend the next 8 hours productively tapping away at your keyboard in your sparkling clean, amazing home office with beautiful natural light, while chatting to your colleagues and clients on the phone?

Or was it a little different?  Was it full of interruptions? The kids wanting to play, the dog wanting to play, you wanting to play?  The washing machine calling you?  The dishwasher needing to be emptied?  Netflix tempting you?

The reality is, that home offices and working from home are great….until the novelty starts to wear off.

Enter co-working offices.  Here are four reasons why co-working is the future.


Companies are finding out that they can have their staff work remotely, get great outputs and keep their overheads lower as a result.  Some businesses are now having their staff work in co-working spaces because the rent is cheaper, utilities are already accounted for and they have different options available for different types of employees.  They also care about their social wellbeing and know that being out of home is better for them.


Whether a business or employee needs a fixed office which they can lock up and leave, or simply a hot desk where they can show up and plug their laptop in, the choices are vast.  For as little as $160 per month, a business person can pull up a chair in the GO Road Co communal area, hit up the super fast Wi-Fi, enjoy a coffee or tea whenever they like and park their car for free.  If the business person needs a more private space, they can take up a private office, enjoy all of the amenities, and be able to close their door for privacy.  Come and go as you please with 24/7 secure access and work the hours you need or want.

Social Wellbeing

Working from home is awesome……. Until you get tired of talking to your cat for 8 hours a day.  Why not chat to another co-worker in the kitchen while getting a coffee?  They don’t work in your business so will bring stories from their world into yours, and you can bring stories into theirs.  Who knows, you may even be able to strike up a deal, or simply vent after a nasty client call.  Generally, people love to be with people.


Some people need structure to survive.  The feeling of getting up, getting dressed and going to work is very important, rather than getting up, pulling your trackies on and going to the spare bedroom. Enjoying the separation between work and home life is something that is essential for a lot of people.  Small business owners who work from home will relate to that feeling of never being “off the clock”.  Having an office in a co-working space will help change that.

Being able to go to work and feel like there is a structure and purpose to the day, with social interaction, flexibility and all the while reducing costs means that co-working is the way of the future.

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