six reasons why go road co is great for your consulting business

Six reasons why GO Road Co is great for your consulting business

Have you recently started a consulting business of your own?  Are you looking for somewhere to consult from?  Maybe you just need a consulting room to run an hour session from or somewhere to meet with a client with some privacy?  Here are six reasons why a co-working office, and more specifically GO Road Co, is great for your consulting businesses.

Consulting Room

Here at GO Road Co we have a dedicated consulting room.  Whether you are a dietitian, counsellor or you simply need a relaxed space to have a chat with someone, our consulting room is a great place to do it.  You can book it using our online diary so the space will be reserved for you if and when you need it!

Board Room

Need to hold a meeting or even a training session and require a room that offers a little more?  Need a proper boardroom to help professionalise your business with prospective clients or suppliers?  You’re in luck!  We have a boardroom which can comfortably seat six people at a large boardroom table.  Offering plenty of natural light and with a large, wall mounted TV for your AV presentation, our boardroom is a fantastic choice.  We even have a whiteboard for you to use!


Consulting businesses usually need to be flexible.  Clients often need to meet you out of hours (or during “their” hours) which means you often cannot run a normal 9-5 schedule.  As a co-worker with GO Road Co, you can have a desk here for you to use, but you will also get an allocated number of consulting and boardroom hours per month.  This means you can run your business from a desk but use the private rooms for meetings with clients as you need them!


Maybe you have a late appointment?  With swipe card access and your own four-digit alarm code, you can come and go as you please.  We also have personal distress buttons linked in to our alarm company just in case you need on-site assistance for any reason.  Not only will your personal security be looked after, but due to the nature of the other businesses working from our premises, you can work confidentially and with privacy for your guests.


Nothing like having a consulting business and then telling your valued clients that they need to pay for parking or worse, there is no parking!   Why put them through that when we have space for 25 cars right by our back door? 

Other Consultants

Build your network!  We have several consulting businesses operating from GO Road Co so it is a perfect opportunity for you to build your network and meet new people!  You never know, you might pick up new clients from referrals or even join forces with someone else as you grow!


Contact us today and we will be more than happy to show you around!


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