Six things to consider when choosing a co-working office

Six things to consider when choosing a co-working office

The time has come.  You have had enough of working from home, your small business is ready to take the next step or you just need to change from your current office.  Whatever the circumstances, a co-working space can and will fill your needs.  But what should you consider when choosing a co-working office?

Here are six things to consider:


The look and feel of an office can make an enormous difference to your mood and productivity.  You may be able to get cheaper (translation = drab) office space in one building over another, but the impact this can have on your output and performance could be enormous.  Yes, costs are important to a business, but so are results.  Just like buying a home, walking into an office and it feeling “right” for you is a feeling that cannot be ignored.  Think about your comfort, working from that office for 8, 10 or 12 hours a day.  Is it fresh and contemporary, or is it more 1980’s government chic?  The difference will amaze you!


Where is the office located?  Close to or within the CBD?  On an easily accessible street or in a maze of laneways with no clear signage?  Depending on the type of business you operate, a little laneway with no signage may not matter, but if you have clients or suppliers coming to see you, is it easy for them to find and does it offer car parking and/or is it on a public transport route?


Price is one of the most important things to factor into your decision making.  But price is an interesting one.  It isn’t just the price of an office, but rather what does that price include and what value does it bring to your business?  You might be able to get a crummy office in a crummy building in a crummy location for an absolute steal, but will this impact on your clients wanting to or being able to come and see you?  Will it impact your own mood and productivity?  And what does it include?  Do you have to pay for utilities, cleaning, Wi-fi and even your own coffee and tea?  Here at GO Road Co, the price you pay for a fixed office includes EVERYTHING associated with it – utilities, car parking, tea and coffee, cleaning, Wi-fi, the use of boardrooms and the list goes on!


Is car parking included?  If not, how much is it or does it even have it?  Will this impact you and your clients?  While we cannot comment on every co-working office out there, one thing we can say is that GO Road Co has space for 25 cars and we include reserved parking for all of our co-workers in our rents!


No one likes to walk out of their office and feel like the office is literally walking out with them.  Having a clean space to work from makes a big difference to mood, productivity and of course, health and safety!


What type of tenants work there?  Are they all 20 something creative types who like it loud and buzzing (think videographers, artists etc), or are they a quiet, reserved crowd (think accountants, finance and the like).  This can really impact on how you work and the perception of your business.  We have heard stories of a co-working office here in SA that had an on-site resident DJ scratching the latest David Guetta tracks at high volume…… Wow, board meeting with ambient noise anyone?

In summary, all of these things should factor into your decision making as to where you wish for your business to operate from.  GO Road Co has a range of tastefully decorated fixed offices and hot desk options available in a fantastic location on Glen Osmond Road with car parking, utilities, Wi-fi, boardrooms, cleaning and tea and coffee all included! Check out our available offices by clicking here.

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